Welcome to a new land.

Barathill is the most recently discovered continent in the world of Ombar. Originally discovered by the pirate captain Kahrigg, Barathill was brought to the attention of the Greater Crown of Daelheim after Captain Kahrigg used the information as leverage during his trial. The GCD then decided to use the Choosing ceremony to serve as a primary expedition. After initial problems, the GCD decided to use the continent as a form of punishment, offering a life in harsh conditions as an alternative to executions or especially steep fines. This continued for several years, until the GCD decided that with rising population, Barathill would serve as a place to expand their civilization, and made a new push to convince citizens to move there. This worked, and Barathill received a large influx of middle and upper class citizens, seeking out fortune in a new land. This “second migration”, as it is sometimes know, would later lead to the Red War.

There are currently four major kingdoms within its borders.

There are also a number of kingdoms which once existed in Barathill, but for one reason or another, they are no longer around today.

Excerpt from Finding Barathill: A Brief History – “Barathill was once the place where you couldn’t trust a man to look at you without trying to mug you. Now it’s seen as this land where gold is hiding behind every hill, and those who are committed can build fantastic lives for themselves!”


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