The World of Ombar

Session 1
Welcome, weary travelers!

Our story so far…

The party entered into The Rabbit’s Foot tavern, a local favorite found on the outskirts of Valrine. Ferderich Baron and Miwa arrived first, with Miwa retiring to a corner and watching the crowd while Frederich immediately began drinking.

Nai’va arrived next, and sat down at the bar where she ordered some food.

Gwee then entered, and after ordering food, sat down at a table and began playing his dulcimer in the hopes of getting tips.

Galdir was last to arrive, and investigated the unconscious man in the corner. Galdir tried to wake him up by pouring water on him, but it was to no avail.

Nai’va then looked the bartender up and down, to try and see if there was more to him than there seemed. But all she could discover was that the man seemed undeniably spacey.

Frederich then looked around the room, and noticed two ladies chatting near him. But before he could do more, he began arguing with Galdir, who had returned to the bar.

Miwa took this opportunity to sneak into the kitchen, and found it was very clean.

Nai’va also noticed the women, and made a note that they seemed to be common folk.

Frederich was then engaged by Gwee to tell a tale.

Galdir was pouring a drink down the unconscious man’s throat, when a clatter rang out from the kitchen. Galdir investigated the source of this noise, found the cook, and when nothing seemed out of the ordinary, returned to the bar.

Gwee and Frederich decided not to investigate the kitchen, after the noise was shrugged off by the bartender.

Gwee began to tell a tale in another attempt to get money while Galdir listened.

Nai’va then noticed a letter beside her, which said “There’s something off about this tavern” in an uneducated scrawl. As Nai’va held this parchment up to inspect it, Frederich noticed and became interested in Nai’va’s discovery.


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